I fell in love with Tintri in about 8 years ago. I was working for a client who had tremendous problems with his Citrix environment. He was using some storage from Dell, and there would be 5-7 of us on the phone almost daily troubleshooting latency issues for about 50 sites. It was a disaster. The new CIO brought Tintri in and I was tasked with making sure it was installed and operating in the colo facility. When the Tintri engineer walked in, I kinda scoffed at him as I see some unknown brand to me. He kindly asked if I could help him rack it and then he’d demonstrate how it worked. That took about 15 minutes to rack and connect it and off we went! The client never complained of a problem after that. It was literally a miracle worker. I asked Tintri to vidit my office and we were a partner that day. That engineer has become one of my good friends and I have become Tintri’s biggest fan to date!