If you love Tintri, then you have come to the right place!

Since 2007

Tintri has been developing and selling storage appliances like no other since day one. These products are unique and there is no “apples to apples” comparison with any other product. You take the team that engineered inside of VMware and then developed hardware to support that. No one understands this better and no one can offer you a product that works faster, smarter and doesn’t require a PhD to manage and implement other than Tintri. No joke!

Why Tintri

I am asked this over and over. “Why not XXX (some big branded storage appliance)?”. My answer is simple: Do you want to keep having to worry and watch over your storage that is sold as some second coming of Christ but actually is just another array of disks with a fancy bezel to fool you into thinking you are getting some new technology? It isn’t. It’s the same old volumes and luns that is not efficient in a virtual environment. It is a metal box with hopes and dreams but cannot compare to what Tintri can do.

Your insights

This site is where YOU get to voice your opinions, facts, look for help or assist others. It is an ongoing work that will develop based on YOUR input. So invite your fellow fans and those that may want to learn what the best storage appliance for virtualization truly is!